Viktoria DeAnn Kits

Viktoria De’Ann was founded on a single premise…To maintain health by researching, evaluating, and employing Active Natural Biological Peptide Messengers. In 2002 Viktoria De Ann initiated the formulation of professional cosmeceuticals employing unique peptide messengers, which are beneficial to the health, repair, and rejuvenation of the skin. These pharmaceutical grade products give licensed physicians and estheticians a new instrument in their advanced treatment of skin.


Lift Kit (available in mild, medium and ultra) contains four clinical strength peptides: PEPTI-Lift, PEPTI-Tone, PEPTI-Eye Serum and Rejuvenator (mild, medium or ultra). The key peptides of the lift kit provide targeted assistance to aging and poorly functioning skin. Bioactiv™ peptides deliver key ingredients that support natural cellular functions. Over time, skin becomes visibly stronger, healthier and more youthful. Used as a daily home regimen, clients can experience more hydrated, lifted and toned skin.

Ideal for lost elasticity, wrinkles, loose skin, sagging, aging, dark circles, and puffy or baggy under eyes.


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