Viktoria DeAnn FAQ's

Rosacea is a vascular condition where blood vessels are proliferating too close to the skin’s surface.

Rejuvenator helps to re-establish a corrected/optimal epidermal thickness which is important in two ways.

  1.  Capillaries are extremely visible in thin-skinned individuals
  2. An overly thick or thin epidermis may play a role in triggering angiogenesis (blood vessel development)

Whether the cause is defense or inflammation, vascularity is never desired by the client.  The key is obtaining the optimum protective barrier and underlying dermal health.

PEPTIpro-col   Another goal with clients with rosacea is to have the proper balance of structural components.  Collagen is one of these components.

PEPTI-repair  Vascularity can be initiated from injury.  Repair’s goal is to aid in a proper repair cycle.  Repairing correctly could help the body recognize that over vascularization would not be necessary as the skin has successfully healed.


It doesn’t work that way. It’s not a percentage difference. However you could say if ultra is the max, medium is about half and mild is about a third of medium.


PEPTI-tone can be used on the entire face unlike Botox (spot specific) because it is not Botox nor even a toxin.

  • The issues we see with Botox are muscle atrophy and a general change in morphology.
  • When treating site-specific with Botox, we are concerned about changes in other portions of the face that must occur to relieve forces across the skin.  This is seen when a wrinkle in one area of the face is treated and disappears, but then re-appears as new wrinkles in other areas.
  • The goal of peptides that work in the area of muscle modulation is to compete with micro-muscle contraction, as to not atrophy entirely or block messages, but to contract when voluntary and necessary.  It is only the involuntary constant contraction we are targeting.
  • Peptides give the benefit of still being able to contract a muscle group without atrophy. It is not necessary to be site specific with PEPTI-tone.

PEPTI-pro-col is designed to be a programmer for the proper regeneration of collagen during the normal cellular collagen regeneration.

PEPTI-correct Hp is designed to chelate metals in the skin.

Neither will exfoliate or act as a “peel.” A peel is a “Stratum Corneum Disrupter” requiring high to moderate levels of acid or base. Some peels are so aggressive they dissolve the skin. Alternatively, one can use a light peel,  with low concentrations to ‘assist the system’  to self-exfoliate by breaking desmosome bonds.

Chelation is the process of sequestering metals.  Many substances chelate to a greater or lesser degree.  The formula is adaptive and specifically designed to remove iron and iron complexes, which appear as pigmented blotches.  Chelators also sequester metals (iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, mercury, manganese) from dark-colored lipids.


Sometimes hyper-pigmentation can be misdiagnosed and be associated with scarring (disorganized collagen) instead of overproduction of melanin. 

When collagen synthesizes correctly, and scared skin is remodeling, there may be some reduction in what looks like hyperpigmentation.  We formulate PEPTI-pro-col with .1-1.9% partially neutralized Salicylic Acid.


You may occasionally see crystals due to the high concentration of peptides; evaporation, temperature, and/or atmospheric pressure. The solution is still effective.

The sequence of the amino acids that makes up the peptide is what’s important.

  • One sequence may lift, while another may tone or repair, even though they contain similar or even identical ingredients.
  • An effective way to look at peptides is to visualize each amino acid as a letter in our alphabet.
    • These letters make up words, and these words convey unique messages to the skin.
    • Let’s look at a peptide made with four amino acids.
    • We will designate each amino acid with a letter: T-I-L-F.
    • TILF has no meaning for you
    • Now, re-arrange the letters to L-I-F-T, and you have a message that you understand

Although the ingredients are identical, the results are substantially different

5% lactic + collagen is a leave-on, self-neutralizing, mild peel.  It is used once per week, after cleansing. Other products may be applied 20 minutes after use.

Key ingredients include

  • Soluble Collagen: Supports the resistance and elasticity of the skin
  • Lactic Acid:  An alpha hydroxy acid that stimulates collagen production, is an exfoliant and anti-microbial

Lactic Acid is derived from sour milk and is much milder on the skin versus glycolic and salicylic peels. Sensitive-skinned individuals tolerate this peel well.

5% lactic + collagen Lactic helps eliminate germs, toxins, and dead cells. The peeling process is very similar to how glycolic acid works.

Stop using Retin A products for at least two weeks before applying the 5% lactic + collagen peel. Retin A makes the skin very sensitive to the sun and other products.

It is important to note that it would not be suggested to combine any strong peel or exfoliating procedure with each other. You may combine PEPTI 5% lactic + collagen with an enzymatic pumpkin peel in a professional setting as the percentage of lactic acid is low.


Mild or Medium Rejuvenator, PEPTI-repair, PEPTIpro-col in that order of effectiveness.


No, it does not contain bleaching agents, peroxides, hypochlorites, or percarbonates.


No, this formula does not affect a woman’s’ hormonal system or balance.


There are several chelators, which have multi-functionality.

  • Several are organic acids, which are natural metal chelators, which also inhibit/moderate melanocytes production of pigmentation.
  • There is also peptide chelators and inhibitors specific for removal of Lipofuscin. As you realize, Lipofuscin is predominant in age spots, sun damaged skin, and mechanically damaged skin ( ancient contusions areas).


No, there are no sun sensitivities with the PEPTI-correct Hp.


PEPTI-a.c.n.e. is unique in that the skin is not targeted but rather the bacteria’s environment, which is easier to access compared to living skin cells.  Although antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) sound like they kill bacteria, they function uniquely by restoring a healthy environment for the skin amongst other functions.

PEPTI-a.c.n.e.’s goal is to cause communication confusion between bacterial colonies, building the illusion that they are in a losing battle against their host (the skin).

In this case, the bacteria do not try to advance further and ‘hold the line’ until the communication states that supplies are sufficient to move forward – that a quorum is reached. 

These messages are communicated between bacteria and are the target of many types of AMP.

  • AMPs give the skin a slight advantage, which is sometimes all that’s required to overcome the bacteria.
  • A, C, & E Pro Peptides help to promote and support a healthy microflora in the skin barrier where bacterial microorganisms originate.
  • N Pro Peptide tricks bacteria into thinking that proliferation (multiplication) is unnecessary. “Quorum Signaling”

You can see the high concentration of peptides in PEPTI-a.c.n.e. which cause liquid crystal formations in the bottle. Many of our products are so highly concentrated that if you leave a bottle open and some of the serum evaporates; you may find liquid crystals forming. Although many companies seek crystal-clear serums, we believe the real beauty is in the results, not the bottle.


We do not currently supply a product specifically for whiteheads. 

  • The Rejuvenator series helps support proper skin function, health, and provides beneficial nutrients. This support could, in turn, improve the rate at which the skin recovers. 
  • PEPTI-a.c.n.e. and PEPTI-repair may also be beneficial to your client’sPEPTI-a.c.n.e. has peptides that act like the natural antimicrobial peptides found on the surface of the skin.  Often, when you increase skin’s defenses, you dramatically reduce the production and appearance of whiteheads.
  • PEPTI-repaircontains peptide messengers that are related to the healing messages also found naturally on skin during an injury.  When the skin repairs and heals at an optimum rate, it reduces irritation time.

Breakout-prone skin begins to see visible improvement in weeks 2-3. Clients will still notice problem areas,  but not as often. In future weeks, clients will feel congestion, but it never surfaces. From week three on, the skin begins to heal itself and re-establish its defensive systems.  As the weeks pass, breakouts erupt less frequently.

Application: Apply PEPTI-a.c.n.e. twice a day.  It is best used and works synergistically with Rejuvenator. The Rejuvenator product is a key item in any spa-treatment that helps provide vital nutrients and peptide messengers to support a healthy metabolism. Therefore you are helping skin fight back with AMPs (antimicrobial peptides) while rejuvenating new healthy cells to come to the skin’s surface (helps speed up the purging process substantially); allowing the professional to provide a two-prong attack on these types of skin concerns. 

*Please note that these products do not treat acne, as acne is classified as a disease. We believe if you support the skin with the proper peptides and nutrients that it can properly heal and defend itself.


An ethnic client used the PEPTI-a.c.n.e. for three days along with her regular salicylic acid face wash when her face became extremely itchy, red and puffy. She stopped using the PEPTI-a.c.n.e., and after one day, all the symptoms went away.

Extreme itchiness, swelling, and redness sound like a possible allergic reaction to an ingredient in a product that she is using. Discontinuing use is wise to do. Check the complete list of ingredients to see if there are any known allergies. Also, were any other new products added? The salicylic acid can make the skin more sensitive.

Common experiences with PEPTI-a.c.n.e.

  • After using PEPTI-a.c.n.e. there is an initial reddening, and tingling (itchiness) due to the peptide’s penetration.
  • After the first 30-60 minutes, this usually subsides.
  • After the first few days of use there may be what looks like an increase in acne; however, this is the skin cleansing itself of bacteria.

Clients usually start to see results after two weeks of use.


Some peptides do require carriers, whether they are liposomal or chaperone molecules,  while other peptides will penetrate a cell without any help at all. Peptides can activate cells in many different ways.

  • Some peptides must penetrate the cell membrane to act in the cytoplasm (inside the cell) or organelles within the cells
  • Others are only meant to bind to receptors on the cell surface
  • Some peptides can create a reaction in the extracellular matrix (outside of the cell) that will, in turn, produce an outcome from the cell.
  • There is a class of peptides known as carrier peptides!  New treatments are utilizing cell-penetrating peptides to carry other molecules (that cannot penetrate) into the cells.

Each peptide has a specific destination.  Viktoria De’Ann employs only the correct tools necessary to deliver each peptide to the correct cellular target.  For instance, Rejuvenator utilizes phosphatidylcholine a phospholipid, while some of our other treatments use carrier molecules.

Below you will find full-text public links to help understand some of the terminologies discussed above.

Cell Penetrating Peptides:

Carrier molecules:       



The shelf-life of unopened products is one year except for our masks.

Opened products have been given a 3-6-month shelf-life.  The variance depends upon whether the product is left open, heated such as from being left in a car, cross-contaminated with other products, or touching of dropper tip to the skin or another surface, etc. All of these situations can significantly reduce shelf-life after opening.


Each bottle of peptides contains a little over a month worth of product.

  • There are approximately 29 drops per milliliter.
  • Two applications per day of 15 drops give you a 30-day supply.


The premise of the single application of the peptides is built on the foundation that peptides are messages.  When you apply peptides to the skin, there is a flux or transport of a molecule, in this case, a peptide, to the desired cell.  When the peptides reach this location, there is a message conveyed whether it be for repair, collagen production, cellular turnover, etc.

Each outcome is based on an individual unique peptide message. 

Analogy -Compare cocktailing of peptides to delivering a speech to a large audience

During a mass communication, different cells (or different people in the large audience) grasp only one or two of the many messages delivered.

  • This is due to the volume in which the people heard the message.
  • The cells have a protection mechanism built into them to ignore “quiet” messages.
  • If a specific concentration or threshold of a message isn’t met, the cell does not respond or has very little response.

We see this quite often in ‘peptide’ products on the market today.  Even those that may have sound science do not meet the proper threshold, and therefore minimal results are seen.  Luckily, peptides are a very potent molecule otherwise no results would be seen in this case.

With Viktoria De’Ann peptides, you see results, which means that the threshold is being met.

  • If you apply one peptide, wait a few minutes and then apply the next, the first peptide has begun its transit to the target location with the following peptide a short distance behind.
  • This allows a specific concentration to reach the cells, at one particular point with maximum intensity, giving optimal results.

If you combine peptides, (cocktail) they are all competing at the same time through the same channel to reach the target cell.  The concentration of our peptides will still allow for results when cocktailing. However, we believe in always seeking the optimum effect.


Any laboratory whether Cosmetic or Drug may be inspected at any time by the FDA.

No cosmetic is FDA approved, only drugs.  However, all of our ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) a designation assigned by the FDA.  At Viktoria De’Ann Cosmeceuticals we take the purity of our ingredients seriously and use mostly USP grade ingredients, this purity meets or exceeds the United States Pharmacopeia which is the standard for drug or medical use.


No, we do not test on animals, nor do we perform (third party or otherwise) or condone any animal testing.


Although plant-based peptides are peptides, they are not the natural messages utilized by the human body.  The peptide codes are not the same.  Although the code or sequence may be 60-70% similar, the other 30% of the sequence makes it unique.

If we represented this peptide messaging with a sentence the difference could be easily seen, for example:

Plant peptide (in plant) for Growth factor reads       Cells, please divide.

Plant peptide (in human) for Growth factor reads    Cels, plese okyide.

The message looks similar, but the 30% difference changes the message and makes it unrecognizable by the skin.


The theory of “killing cancer” is a fallacy. The theory of interfering with a pathway, forcing a cell to go apoptotic through peptide messaging is viable. There are other pathways through which the cell may adapt.

  • The other methods block the way affecting cancer growth, mobility or a hormone necessary for proliferation, i.e., Estrogen blocking, testosterone blocking, etc.  These are single targeting drugs.

Cancer is a non-descript organ, constructed and composed of self, invisible to the host, without form or function, or the necessary programming, which is attempting to survive.

On a mitochondrial level, some cancerous stem and daughter cells will self-correct metabolic function if provided the proper entities.

  • Rejuvenator was formulated in accordance to fulfill these requirements. It initializes the mitochondria to produce energy (Krebs cycle) and self-correct or enter apoptosis (cellular death). It is excellent for assisting in the healing of radiation burns.
  • Once the apoptotic (dead), the cell is quickly eliminated. It is a natural process.
  • All the products formulated by Viktoria DeAnn utilize positive control and augment the natural functions of the body’s systems.

Peptides formulated by Viktoria DeAnn utilize positive control and augment the natural functions of the body’s systems.  Being knowledgeable about peptides, in general, is essential. Some known peptides are involved with intrinsic risks.

For example, IGF, VGF, EGF  (insulin growth factor / vascular growth factor/ endothelial growth factor)

  • IGF is related to cancer!
  • Doctors had been giving IGF shots to drive glucose levels down to induce GHRH. (Growth hormone-releasing hormone)
  • VGF is utilized/ produced by cancer to induce micro vascularization and survival.
  • EGF is used by cancer to induce proliferation of tumors.

The definition of a “peptide” is straightforward: two or more amino acids joined by peptide bonds.

Amino acids are relatively small molecules known for being the building blocks for cells.

  • The smallest is glycine, with just two carbon atoms, one of which is in the acid group (COO-) and the other has the amino group (NH4+) attached to it.
  • Other amino acids have longer carbon chains, some with a couple amino groups or acid groups instead of one.
  • There are many amino acids, but only 20 are common in proteins.

Amino acids can form peptides. Peptide bonds are formed by a condensation reaction and the elimination of a molecule of water. The nomenclature of peptides is as follows:

  • dipeptide – two amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • tripeptide – three amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • tetrapeptide – four amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • pentapeptide – five amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • oligopeptide -(oligo=few more than five) amino acids linked by a peptide bond

Peptides are usually represented by a sequence of letters, one for each amino acid, and sometimes by a sequence of three letters for each amino acid.

Long chains of amino acids form polypeptides (usually less than 100 amino acids) or proteins (longer than 100 amino acids). Peptide bonds are rigid due to the partial double bond character.

20 amino acids utilized only once in all possible combinations is 5,243,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The skin care industry uses synthetic peptides that mimic naturally occurring peptides but modifies them by attaching a fatty acid to one end.


All pharmaceutical grade L – forms of amino acids are biologically active by definition. Viktoria De’Ann utilizes our unique sequence of formulizations to synthesize these amino acids into specific peptide messengers that become biologically active within the body.


A peptide is a chain of two or more amino acids joined together that build protein. Bio-peptide is a term for biologically active compounds that are chemically altered protein fragments. Peptides can be of a natural substance as well as chemically engineered.

The benefits of bio-peptides in skin care products are important:

  • Peptides stimulate cell activity by interacting with molecules that can signal fibroblasts to produce more collagen, thereby playing a role in encouraging cell renewal, cell turnover, and diminishing wrinkles and improving the skin integrity of rosacea.
  • Peptides act as a messenger between the top-most layer of skin or epidermis, and the dermis, The epidermal-dermal communication is important as it naturally breaks down as we age and is one of the causes of aging.
  • Peptides increase the synthesis of the dermal matrix molecules that are essential to preserving the skin’s youth. These increases are substantial:
    • Up to 287% for Glycosaminoglycans
    • 117% for Collagen I
    • 327% for Collagen IV
  • Amino acids help retain moisture in the skin and enhance the circulatory process.


Internal cellular communication was once thought to be one way, DNA dictating to the subordinate cell.

It has been discovered the internal cellular communication is both directions. (forward and backward)

  • As cellular health increases,  DNA’s Chronological clock is slowed or reversed to an earlier set point, which is reflected in the health and wellbeing of the individual.
  • If one positively affects communication system within an individual, it positively effects (restructures) the DNA, which positively affects the individual.
  • Your DNA is constantly restructuring.  What you were yesterday is not who you are today.