About the Brand

Come and experience the euphoric essence of skin care.


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read about us and if you've created you account, welcome to our family! We do things a little bit differently here. You see, we're not just about skin care treatments and products. Our founder, Lindsay Smalley, is full of passion for what she does. And that passion trickles down to every aspect of our company and our brand.

We are so much more than just a treatment room. Lindsay, our Licensed Esthetician, has chosen a specific area that she focuses on with our clients. You see while most Estheticians want to be great at everything, Lindsay decided to specialize in skin repair and corrective treatments. 

Another way we stand out from the other Estheticians, is that Lindsay builds relationship with her clients. She reminds them that they are on their skin care journey together. She utilizes her Skin Care Coaching methods with them, which allows them to build the foundation for proper skin care. 

We know every client is different and so are their skin concerns and goals. It's such an honor when our clients choose us to be apart of their skin care journey with them. We hope that you will choose us to join you on your skin care journey :)