The Real Secret To Fading Sun Spots

The Real Secret To Fading Sun Spots

Do you or your friend or family member have some uninvited guests on your skin, aka sun spots? Let's give them the boot!

Sun spots aka hyperpigmentation, are those brown spots that showed up one day and may have grown and invited their family and friends to hang out. Even though no one invited them.

Get ready to take some notes on how to fade them with your at home skin care routine. Now these products that I am about to mention will vary for each of you. Some may want to keep it simple and some may want to have every product that I mention. It is totally up to you. When treating your face, remember to always apply the products to you face, neck and décolleté ;)

First up, let's talk about Cleansers, the one that you want to help you to fade sun spots is Glycolic Cleanser. This cleanser is awesome because it removes the uppermost layer of the skin. That being said this cleanser should only be used 2 - 3 times per week and I recommend using at night.

Toners are next up, and too often passed up... A quick description for toners. These wonderful products do two things:

1. They complete the cleansing process because even though you just washed your face, there is still debris left behind.

2. It preps the skin by helping to bring it back to its pH balance. This is turn allows the following products to be better absorbed by the skin.

Ok, so now that we got that covered, the toner that I am going to recommend is the Glycolic and Retinol Pads. These pads break up surface cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin while allowing trapped oil to release and come to the surface. Kojic and Arbutin lighten sun spots and scars left from blemishes.

As I mentioned before, when using Glycolic you only use it 2 to 3 times per week (at night) and in this case you will only apply it to the affected area when you want to lighten the sun spots or acne scares, etc.

Scrubs and Masks are next and luckily for you, they are the same amazing, award winning product! Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub/ Mask. This sun spot fighting duo exfoliates while brightening to promote a clear, healthy skin tone. To utilize this product simply, massage onto face, neck and chest. Allow to dry up to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. I recommend using this product at night.

The products with the most active ingredients are Serums. This time you have a few options to choose from. Choose one for morning that has antioxidants in it to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Choose a different serum for night time to treat your sun spots or acne scares, etc.

1. Vitamin C / Green Tea Serum (use in the morning) - This is for all skin types. This anti-aging serum revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and peptides which protect against free radical damage, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, brightens, tones and encourages fibroblast activity.

2. Citrus-C Nourishing Cream (use in the morning) - Recommended for normal to dry skin types. This is the creamy version of the Vitamin C / Green Tea Serum. This creamy, hydrating 5% Vitamin C with 2% Citrustem™ (originating from orange stem cells) stimulates collagen to densify the dermis while the green/white tea complex improves skin immunity. The overall effect is more radiant, smooth, and healthy skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

3. Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicA (use at night) - IconicA (Vitamin A) significantly improves skin radiance, brightness, smoothness, fine lines, photo damage and overall skin tone.  Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) provides anti-inflammatory benefits; both vitamins nourish the skin and assist in boosting collagen.

Second to last, at least in the morning it's second to last, but at night it will be the last step, Moisturizer. Now this one is similar to the serums, meaning that you may choose to have a separate moisturizer for morning and night or you may choose to use the same one for both day and night.

The moisturizer you want to choose for morning or morning and night will be based on your skin type. Here's you options:

Dry or Dehydrated Skin: Hydrating Moisturizer

Normal to Dry Mature Skin: Peptide Restoration Moisturizer

Normal to Dry Skin: The award winning Acai Berry Moisturizer

Normal to Combination Skin: Ageless Skin Moisturizer

Normal to Combination Sensitive Skin: Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer

Oily Acneic Skin: Light Aloe Moisturizer

The most important step throughout this entire list is......Sunscreen! If you fail to apply sunscreen daily, you minds well skip everything else that we just talked about. Everything mentioned is to help to fade existing sun spots, but if you aren't protecting your skin and preventing new spots from immerging and current spots from growing, then it's pointless and you are wasting you money.

I have four product options to suggest to you to help to protect your skin.

1. Sheer Botanicals Body & Face SPF 45

2. Ultra Zinc Body & Face Tinted SPF 40

3. Sheer Protection SPF30

4. Lip Balm SPF 15 - Don't leave your lips unprotected!

I hope you found this information to be helpful and that you are ready to get going on your skin care journey and kick these sun spots to the curb!

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